The town of Mountain View is famous for the preservation of
folkways and traditional music and often is labeled as “ e Folk
Music Capital of the World.” One of this small town’s most
charming features is that music can be heard playing all around the
lively Courthouse Square or the adjacint Washington Street Pickin’
Park.  e picturesque Courthouse is simple and built of stone;
several surrounding buildings are also made of cutstone, adding to the
Square’s classic appeal.
 e long-time custom of impromptu jams on
the Square remains today once the weather
warms usually around April in time for the
town’s annual Folk Festival and continues until
late October when the Bean Festival is in full
swing. Just about every afternoon and night
of the week during the season you will hear all
kinds of instruments playing tunes of century
old folk songs including mandolins, fiddles,
banjos, dulcimers, upright bass, guitars,
harmonicas, and even spoons.
Musicians from all points of the United States
and beyond are welcome, in fact, are invited,
to bring an instrument, pull up a chair and
join these jam sessions with local musicians.
Visitors who do not play an instument or left
theirs at home are encouraged to bring their
lawn chairs and wander from group to group
dotting the Square lawn, the park, and points
in between.  e key is to kick back, relax and
enjoy the music.